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Contracts are to be made to Corp "Voices of War Inc."
The m3 restriction is 340.000 Nullsec & Highsec 1.000.000 per contract.
The completion in time should be set to 7 days or more.
The expiration date should be set to 7 days or more.
Always set a fair collateral. This is your insurance against loss. Do not leave this field blank!
Max collateral per contract 10b. If you need collateral higher then 10b contact Geuthur.
Contracts should never be made to systems with Cynosural System Jammers.
Rush Contracts will be made in 4 Hours after Accepted.
Contracts CANNOT feature assembled containers (double wrapped contracts are the same thing).
Jita cargo should be contracted from "Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant"

Find the assets you want moved by selecting them in that window. Right-click for the contect menu, and select Create Contract. 
        On page 1 of the Create Contract window (Select Contract Type):<br>
        Change the Contract Type to Courier.<br>
        Change the Availability to Private and write <b>Voices of War Inc.</b> in the Name field (we are in the alliance.) Search By can be Exact Terms.<br>
        Click Next.<br>
        On page 2 of the Create Contract window (Pick Items):<br>
        Verify the contents for transport.
        Write down the total m3 of the package.
        Click Next.
        On page 3 of the Create Contract window (Select Options):<br><br>
        <li>Change the Ship To to the name of the destination (try to keep it to the primary destination in that system if possible).</li><br>
        <li><img src='/static/images/how/how6.png'></img></li><br>
        <li>Change the Reward to the proper reward for the given route and package size - for standard routes, you can use the calculator.</li><br>
        <li>Change the Collateral to the fair value of the cargo. Do not leave this field blank.</li><br>
        <li>If the collateral is high (above 5 billion) consider splitting the package to smaller valued packages as to not limit the availablity of pilots capable of fronting the collateral needed to accept the package.</li><br>
        <li>Change the Expiration to 1 week.</li><br>
        <li>Change the Days to Complete to 7 days.</li><br>
        <li>Click Next.</li><br>
        On page 3 of the Create Contract window (Select Options):<br><br>
        <li>Verify all the parameters.</li><br>
        <li>Click Finish.</li><br>
        <li>You are done. Relax and we will bring your package out to you soon.</li><br>
        <li>If the package is not accepted right away, do not panic. We do not accept packages until we are actually ready to move it. Once accepted, a contract cannot be accepted by another pilot and we do not want to prevent the next available pilot from accepting your package off the queue.</li><br>
        <li>Note: If your package has been accepted and is not delivered within 24 hours without a notification from the acceptor, please contact <b>Geuthur</b> and the contract acceptor and we will work to resolve any issues.</li><br>